Strict Sterilization Protocol

What is Dental Sterilization Protocol ?

Hygiene is something that any patient would look forward to in a hospital or a clinic. Be it the regular checkups or any critical operations, the tools used by the doctors should be cleaned toughly and made cent % germ free. At RAGA dental center, Thanjavur one is bound to get full satisfaction with the treatments  offered and also the level of hygiene that is maintained here. The center understands that the lack of hygiene is a very alarming situation around because there are so many diseases and infections that are spreading rapidly due to the unhygienic conditions in the clinics.

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Dental Hygiene at RAGA

To take care of the alarming situation sterilization has become a very important process for killing all the infection and disease spreading microorganisms. The various organizations have stated certain guidelines that should be followed before using any surgical or medical instrument on any patient and these kinds of strict hygiene protocol and guidelines are strictly followed in RAGA Dental center, Kumbakonam. The experts here understands that human fluids like saliva and mucus and even human blood are considered infectious and so it is made sure by the doctors and surgeons that every instrument used on the patients are sterilized or sometimes disposed of after singe-time use.

Why Raga?

The RAGA Dental center, Trichy is set up to provide a world-class experience to its patients in dental services. The clinic does not only provide services to the domestic patients but to the international patients as well. In fact, RAGA dental offers the best dental solutions all across Tamil Nadu and they are the once upon whom anyone can rely on for their dental solutions blindly.

Methods of sterilization in dentistry

The sterilization measures used by them are as follows:

  •  A lot of significance is given to infection control and the products that are used along with the procedures undergo both disposal and treatments before being re-used.
  • It is checked that the items that are used are mostly disposable and wearing disposable gloves is mandatory while treating patients. A strict check is done to ensure that the glove used to treat one patient is never used for another patient or for any other purpose.
  • To prevent cross infection disposable syringes and needles are used.
  • A manual cleaning of instruments is mandatory; after which all the instruments are placed in sterilization wraps in the autoclave. So in this way, all the instruments are autoclaved and made free from germs.

As most of the people are not acquainted with the term “autoclave”, it can be simply said to be a full-proved vessel used for sterilizing and making the instruments germ-free.
This is how the strict sterilization protocol is maintained in the RAGA Dental center because they care for their patients and have taken an oath to fulfill both the hygiene-related demands of their patients and also the expectation of treatments that their patients have from them. Come to Raga and experience a treatment among individuals who will treat you as if you are in your own home.


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