Advanced All on 6 Digital Dental Implants Thanjavur

Date : 14-01-19

Have you lost many teeth and wondering how to fix them? Here's the all on 6 dental implant package in which a teeth replacement procedure is conducted for patients who have lost many teeth in a row. In this procedure, the set of teeth in either of the jaw is replaced with a bridge that is supported by these 6 dental implants. It is one of the most advanced dental surgeries to treat the loss of many teeth. This procedure provides special strength to the jaw and prevents further loss of teeth.

Why is this method recommended by most dentists?

This all on 6 digital dental implants is different from the traditional methods. Here are a few special advantages that are procedure offers:

  • First and foremost, this process provides extra strength to the jaw structure as 6 dental implants are inserted to support the jaw bone. This will ensure that you will not lose teeth further.
  • Traditionally when you have lost more than 2 teeth, the surgeon used to place dental implants in every individual tooth. Therefore more incisions were made. His process was not only painful but also complicated. In the all on six dental implant procedure, only 6 implants are placed to support the whole set of teeth.
  • The implants are made with titanium, so in future, it gets infused with the jawbone and will provide a long-lasting jaw structure.
  • The procedure is conducted within 1 day, therefore a toothless person can start doing the regular mouth activities within a day.
  • It is an affordable tooth replacement process compared to other replacement procedures.

Why you should choose Raga Dental?

If you are searching for the best dental implant clinic in India that provides an affordable package for all on 6 dental implants in Thanjavur, RAGA Dental is the ultimate destination for you. Our main objective is to restore your beautiful smile. All we care about is the patient's satisfaction. We have a team of experienced dentists and technicians who provide quality service to restart the functioning of your teeth. So if you are going through any sort of teeth or gum problem, feel free to contact us. Our doctors will assist you on what to do next.

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