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Date : 12-03-20

There have been a lot of developments and progress in dentistry, and digital dental implants are among the recent ones. Digital dental implants are considered to be better compared to traditional measures in terms of their effectiveness and feasibility.

Digital Dental Implants

Implants are used to substitute one or more missing teeth without affecting the adjoining ones. It also assists in restoring chewing, speech, and proper digestion. It would enhance facial tissues and help with various other dental treatments such a bridge, dentures by making it more secure and comfortable.

The procedure of digital dental implants

To create the perfect smile, consult a dentist on time, and follow his instructions. The doctor would perform a proper diagnosis to provide the promised outcome to the patient. At Raga Dental Center, one gets an exceptional treatment and service as they provide the best technologies that could perform an optimal diagnosis for all the required conditions.

The oral health would be checked initially to examine if the procedure could be initiated. A panoramic X-ray will be taken so that the dentist gets the best view of the teeth and gums. Later a 3D scan will be performed as it could assist in making a three-dimensional structure of the teeth.

Post all the required tests. The doctor would give the basic guideline with regards to the treatment to the patient. A rough plan of the surgery will be shown to the patient before performing the procedure. The doctor ensures to provide the perfect implant occlusion and maximum bone support. A surgical guide would be used to place the implants during implant surgery. This would assist in giving accurate, safe, fast, and promised results. The dentist and his team would place the dental implant and complete the process in 15 minutes with no incision surgery.

Benefits of digital dental implants

The digital dental implants have certain advantages as follows:

  • Provides natural appearance
  • Attractive looks
  • Able to accept all types of food
  • No special care required, regular hygiene is enough
  • Would last lifetime
  • Shorter time for the complete procedure
  • Shorter recovery time
  • Tooth replacement is faster
  • Comfortable process
  • Fewer visits to the clinic
  • Excellent occlusion
  • Greater stability

At Raga Dental Centre, the doctor and his team will provide an excellent digital implant with the help of all the latest technologies and appropriate surgical guides.

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