Help your children follow the best oral hygienic practices with Raga dental care

Date : 17-10-18

Paediatric dentistry has a lot of importance because children require efficient care for their milk tooth and proper guidance to keep them hygienic and healthy. Being in the prime growth stage, they require timely checkups and maintenance for a healthy dentition and an oral health. Raga Dental Care considers it to be important to render proper children's dental care with regard to their oral health.

Children require help when they face their first tooth, during the first 3rd-6th month. Raga makes it easier for your child to cope up with the irritations of the first experience. Children generally ought to eat a lot of junk food in their growing age, causing serious damages to their teeth like the sour tooth, sensitivity, tooth decay, tooth cavity etc. Early assessment and diagnosis for tooth straightening are done to correct improper bite. These conditions demand to be checked and rectified at the earliest stages, not to worsen the condition.

During the age of 6-7years, kids start losing their milk teeth to welcome their permanent dentition. Gum swellings, jaw pain may occur during this time and we, at Raga provide special care to the kids when they start having changes in their dentition. We also provide habit counselling in children so as to avoid the practices of pacifier use and thumb sucking. A regular dental check-up is made a regular practice for the children, so as to avoid other dental problems in the future.

Raga trains your children to undertake good oral hygienic practices like flossing, brushing twice a day, using the correct amount of toothpaste, using the right toothpaste and toothbrush etc. We also handle care for dental injuries like fractured or knocked out teeth.

Prevention is better than cure and it is always better to avoid the chances of infection and cavities than to cure them after the instance of occurrence. Raga Dental Care, best dental implant clinic India, keeps your child’s oral health safe and sound with the best pediatric dentistry in Thanjavur!

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