Aren’t Laser Root Canals there on your Cards?

Date : 07-05-18

Only someone who has had gone through root canal treatment knows how painful and exhausting it is. The inability to chew food followed by sleepless nights would have been experienced by them and they no longer suggest root canals for their friends. However, root canals’ being taken off from the dental treatments required for you is certainly imprudent and may affect your teeth in course of time. Therefore, the only feasible solution is moving for laser root canals. They are not only less painful but comfortable and healthy to a certain extent. But do you think laser root canals are offered by almost all dental clinics in and around Tamilnadu. Not at all. Only quite a few dental clinics of high repute have the option of root canal treatment in Tamilnadu. Raga Dental Clinic (Implant& Laser Center) with a wide range of technologically advanced dental services run by Orthodontists and Endodontists is one among them. Just an appointment with the concerned team in Raga Dental Clinic would undoubtedly take away your dental pain in a split second.

What is a Laser Root Canal?

Years ago, root canals were done using the traditional devices such as chemicals, drills, and fills. But as there were scientific improvements, Laser (Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation) replaced the traditional methods. Through hard tissue lasers; enamel, dentine, and bones were all treated effectively. An absolutely decayed tooth can be saved only through root canal treatment.

How is Laser Root Canal Performed?

The foremost step is cutting enamel and dentine so that the pulp chamber is clearly visible. The time consumed for cutting can be more because lasers are comparatively slower in cutting than drills. Then, using the soft tissue laser, the tooth pulp from the pulp chamber is extracted without leaving any kind of remnants of pulp tissues. All bacteria and pathogens are removed and the filling is done making use of the filling material called ‘gutta-percha.’

Advantages of Laser Root Canals

1. No anesthesia is a given for the patient undergoing laser treatment in foil to the traditional root canal method.
2. The entire procedure is minimally invasive, painless and no blood is shed from your dentals.
3. With the usage of lasers, the presence of bacterium can be easily avoided.
4. The natural structure of the dentals will not be much affected.
5. Very less bleeding and no inflammation at all.

Now, are you willing to stand apart from others who still follow the usual root canal method? If your answer is a convincing ‘yes’, laser root canal treatment in Thanjavur put forward by Raga Dental Clinic is there to help you out.

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