The proximity of digital dentistry

Date : 17-01-20

Permanent tooth replacement is made easy and possible with the advancement in digital dentistry. The latest technologies have developed so far that it makes all the surgeries and replacement painless and makes the individual worry-free. The digital procedure is considered to be better than the conventional method due to a lot of benefits that are provided under digital dentistry.

Digital dental implant

Digital dental implants are the advanced magic that has occurred in modern dentistry. The teeth that are replaced will be supported by the jawbone as if it is a natural tooth. This could provide lifetime freedom to enjoy all foods. The simulation process would work for both the crown and the implants.

Benefits of digital dentistry over conventional dentistry

There are a lot of benefits for digital dental implants over regular implants such as:

  • Natural-looking - the digital dentistry has given rise to teeth or replacements, which are entirely natural in appearance. These implants are attractive too and function just like any natural tooth.
  • Special care is not required - it acts just like any other natural teeth; hence extra or special care is not needed for these implants. Digital dentistry would accept all the food, and there will be no restrictions as such, brush and floss as usual.
  • Restores the facial structure - these would help restore the jawbone that maintains the facial structure.
  • Lifetime longevity - handle these implants just like natural teeth so one could find these implants for a longer duration may be more than 30 years.Shorter procedure - the time for the implant is more concise and takes only 15 minutes for two implants, while regular implants would take 2 hours or more.
  • Get teeth quickly - the procedure can be completed the same day with the results in hand within 5 - 7 days whereas, regular implants would take 123 days.
  • Hassle-free procedure - it is considered to be the most suitable process with anesthesia. There is no need for any incisions or stitches in digital dentistry. It also helps not to disturb gums and jaw.
  • Fewer visits - for digital dentistry, one need not keep visiting the clinic as compared to conventional
  • dentistry. A minimum of 3 days and the complete process can be completed.
  • Shorter recovery time - since there are no incisions or stitches, the recovery period will be minimal compared to the regular implants.
  • Superb occlusion - the digital dentistry would perform the entire implant procedure without making any of the crowns to be adjusted for placement, unlike regular implants.

Digital Dentistry

At Raga Dental Center, the doctor and his team can provide world-class accuracy with their digital dentistry with the help of all the latest devices and technology.

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