Advantages of Digital Dental Implants

Dental Implant

A dental implant is the best solution for tooth replacement treatment and a new addition to the Raga Dental Centre is digital implant procedure which is even better than the regular dental implant. Digital implant not only gives you most attractive tooth that looks and works like natural teeth but also provides a much more comfortable procedure of surgery that takes only 15 minutes. If you are thinking about dental implants, the digital dental implant may be your right choice at Raga Dental Centre.


What are benefits of Digital Implant over Regular Implant?

You will feel a great comfort to know that you will get all benefits in digital implant over the regular implant. And those include:

  • Absolutely natural appearance of tooth
  • Completely natural function of tooth
  • No need for special care
  • Restore jawbone maintaining facial structure
  • Lifetime longevity (more than 30 years competency)
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These are not all, other benefits of digital implants over regular implants are:

  • Shorter Procedure 

    One of the most important comparisons between digital and regular implant is time needed for the implant. The digital implant takes only 15 minutes for two implants while the regular Implant needs approximately two hours for the same. Dentists work all the details beforehand for the digital procedure in mock surgery step that optimizes the procedure.
  • Get Teeth Quickly 

    You will most possibly get your temporary tooth on the same day in digital procedure resulting much less restoration period only 5 to 7 days comparing to 123 days in the regular implant.
  • Comfortable Procedure 

    Most dental patients are worried about dental implant creating panic in their mind. But the latest development in the anesthesia has removed that fear in the digital dental implant procedure. There is no need for incision and thus no stitches in the digital implant. The mock surgery also helps us to optimize the process without disturbing your gum and jaw.
  • Fewer Visits 

    In a regular dental implant, you need to visit dental office for a minimum seven times for planning for every stage of the implant, whereas only three visits are necessary for the digital implant. Dentists can do much of their work without you in the digital implant model.
  • Shorter Recovery Time 

    As the digital implant is performed without any incision and stitch, the recovery period takes much less time comparing regular implant.
  • Superb Occlusion 

    In regular implant procedure, restoration of the implant is planned after the implant procedure resting a probability that crown may not fit optimally to the implant. But in case of the digital implant procedure, the entire implant procedure including placement of root, shape for the crown, bridge or denture is planned simultaneously to ensure the crown need not be sacrificed or adjusted for placement. The average deviation in this system of implants is only 0.9 degree comparing the regular implant ranging from 2.5 – 4.9 degree.

Why choose Raga Dental Centre for Digital Dental Implant?

In Raga Dental Centre, we provide world class digital implant with the help of digital scanning, planning in software and manufacturing of the surgical guide which assures you to choose our centre.


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