Thanjavur for Dental Tourism

Dental Tourism in Thanjavur

Raga Dental,Thanjavur provides the best dental tourism package with the most advanced dental care within the affordable range in comparison with the expensive dental treatment. India is fast coming out as one of the most affordable destinations for dental solutions that aims the state-of-art oral solutions over the globe.

dental treatments in thanjavur

Raga Dental Centre is at Thanjavur in South India and is well equipped with the most advanced modern technology and we are proud to cater the most recent treatment with the finest diligence. Before you land in South India, you plan your treatment in advance, contact us, and consult with us via email/chat. Raga Dental centre is technology enable that ensures easy availability of your records online and provides easy online accessibility as well as post-treatment stage.

Where is Raga Dental Centre Located?

Our Raga Dental Centre is located at B-19, 6th Cross Road, Arulananda Nagar, Western Extension, Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu 613007. It is only 58 km from Tiruchirapalli International Airport and takes only 1 H 5 Min journey by car via NH83.

Why does Raga Dental centre work for Dental Tourism?

You will be astonishing learning that nearly half of the total medical travel over the globe accounts for dental tourism. Millions and millions of patients travel outside their national border to fix up their dental problem. Particularly in the countries like North America, Europe, and other most developed countries; the cost of the dental solution has reached the sky. As we age, the gums endure our teeth and often demands extensive reconstructive or restorative treatment that costs thousands of dollars which is not covered by the Insurance Companies of those countries leaving only rudimentary dental care. As a result, people who take a vacation and seeking a destination for their dental solution may find comfort to come to Thanjavur Raga dental Centre. We provide affordable dental care with world-class state-of-art that you could find in your country.

Dental Services provided by Raga Dental Centre

Below is a short list of Dental Services provided in our centre:

Dental Tourism facilities at Raga Dental centre

Following facilities are provided for your Dental tourism:

  • Patients from abroad can have medical checkup so that Dental solution and tourism both are satisfied under one roof.
  • Patients can begin immediate planned treatment while visiting South India without breaking the tour schedule.
  • We, in association with tour manager, take care of your accommodation need from star category to budgetary class to homestay with local food.
  • Considering the time needed for dental treatment and consequential food restriction, our professional team will follow and provide food protocol that prescribed by our doctors in consultation with the nutritionist.

Why choose Raga Dental Centre?

Raga Dental Centre is a place where we are constantly updating and upgrading ourselves to provide you world class dental solutions. Our goal is to satisfy your dental solution with world-class quality and make happy your tour.


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