3-shape Trios for Digital impression

Raga Dental Center believes in technological advancement and that is why we have implemented all the latest technologies in our clinic. One such advancement is the 3Shape TRIOS. This is a proven technology and has been implemented in countless clinics all over the world and Raga is proud to be in that league. This particular technology has changed the way of dental treatments. But you must be eagerly wanting to know what it is. Well, for that you must read on and you will get to know everything you want.

What are 3Shape TRIOS?

If you are not already aware of it then you should know that 3Shape is very renowned for its scanners in the market. The scanners that this company manufactures are very user-friendly and are fully integrated with their own CAD software. This particular technology has created a lot of buzz for future dental practices in doing a digital impression and the best part is that Raga Dental Center already has it. Not only will it give an improved efficiency in practice but it will also increase the patient’s satisfaction level. With this digital scanning technology, everything has become a lot easier.

3shape trios scanner dentistry tamilnadu

What are the Benefits of 3Shape TRIOS?

The benefits of 3Shape TRIOS are infinite. But some of them are listed below:

  • Wireless Scanning

    One of the best things about the TRIOS technology is its wireless nature. You will be able to scan the dentition of the patient without tangling yourself in those stubborn wires that keep posing as an obstruction. Moreover, the battery can be exchanged very easily and you can get a non-stop scanning experience.
  • A Fast Procedure

    Another of the most important advantages of using the 3Shape TRIOS is that it speeds up the entire procedure. It not only makes the procedure easier for dentists but also reduces the amount of time spent for patients. You can come for a scanning even in your busy work schedule. This technology has reduced the chair time during treatments significantly.
  • Much Comfortable

    The use of the 3Shape TRIOS is much comfortable than the conventional methods. In that method, the use of a spray was must which created a feeling of discomfort among patients. But with this technology, you will be comfortable and you won’t have to endure anything like a spray.
  • Highly Accurate Scanning

    The best part about digital scanning is its high accuracy. If you want to ensure that your patients get the optimal results, then the TRIOS from 3Shape is a must. Raga delivers highly accurate results and this technology is its secret weapon in doing so.
  • Realistic Scans

    This technology has the ability to produce life-life color scans which were impossible in the conventional methods. The doctors can evaluate a better treatment due to the presence of colors in the scan.

This intraoral treatment technology has enhanced the accuracy of results by many folds. You will get HD photos which will help the doctors to concentrate more on details and thus perform an accurate diagnosis and treatment. And Raga Dental Center is equipped with this highly efficient TRIOS from 3Shape.



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