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Your gums frame your teeth and smile. Some people have extra gum. Some have decayed teeth or periodontal disease. Maybe you have a yellowish stain on teeth and feeling shy to smile openly. Maybe you have a desire getting whitening of teeth and shaping your smile to look more attractive. Then this article will let you inform that AMD Laser is becoming an ultimate technology in general dental practice. In Raga Dental Center, we use AMD Laser to accessibility for restorative dental practice that develops proper gum architecture and provides access to the affected teeth.

What are AMD Lasers?

The word laser is an acronym which stands for light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation. Every radiation has an interaction on tissue and thermal out-turn. The laser precisely removes soft tissues and ease faster healing with minimal discomfort. AMD Lasers is a compact device designed for a varied purpose of periodontic and endodontic and dental surgical procedures. AMD Lasers used for cutting, cleaning and hemostasis in the soft tissue procedure and helps to cut extra gum tissue with precision. AMD Laser also used for the treatment of periodontal disease and helps to sterilize canals in endodontic treatment. Moreover, AMD laser treatment has an immense impact on tooth whitening process.

amd picasso laser

AMD Lasers that produced world’s most affordable dental laser technology with great innovation the Picasso soft tissue diode laser. It is compact in design, sleek and user-friendly. It is ideally designed for a high-quality laser with distinctive feature like multi-language laser committed more comfortable to both dentists and patients.

What are the advantages of laser dentistry?

Lasers have been used since 1994 by the dentists for treatment of a varied range of oral and dental health problems. Advantages of AMD laser treatment include:

  • Much less pain results the use of anesthesia may not be needed during a dental procedure.
  • Both dentists and patients have little to worry about hemostasis during a soft tissue treatment.
  • There is a very little risk of possible infection during the course of the post-operative stage.
  • Due to the reason for no cutting and suturing, patients become anxiety free and feel comfortable.
  • It shortens recovery process and healing time.

How is soft tissue laser treatment performed by AMD Lasers?

Use of AMD laser, the Picasso Lite System helps patients those have common to acute periodontal disease. The laser precisely helps the dentists to eliminate the inflamed and infected gum tissues without hurting healthy tissues. In addition, dentists are able to lessen the depth of gum pockets which often become large as a consequence of periodontal disease. This laser dentistry also ensures quicker reattachment of your soft tissues during the healing process.

How is Crown lengthening done using AMD Lasers?

A beautiful smile is a frame of leaps, teeth, and visible gum. Some people have too much gum tissues showing a gummy smile. For those patients, AMD, Picasso Lite Laser treatment helps dentists to remove the right amount of gum tissues to give you more beautiful smile by lengthening crown and recontouring the gum as well.

Why choose Raga Dental Centre for AMD Laser Dentistry?

Raga Dental Centre is a place where we are constantly updating and upgrading ourselves to provide you world class dental solutions. At Raga Dental Centre you will find the best treatment that fits you perfectly.



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