Piezosurgery for Periodontitis Treatment

What is Periodontitis?

Periodontitis is a chronic inflammatory disease of the tooth supporting structures. The treatment includes restoration of the bony architecture and removal of local factors. Piezosurgery is the new approach to the treatment of this surgery. Piezoelectric device has been introduced in the field of periodontology and oral implantology.

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What is Piezosurgery?

The piezosurgery device is a new instrument that can be used for bone surgery in a variety of dental surgical specialties.

Piezosurgery is a relatively new technique for osteotomy and osteoplasty that utilizes ultrasonic vibration. The piezosurgery device is essentially an ultrasound machine with modulated frequency and a controlled tip vibration range. The ultrasonic frequency is modulated from 10, 30, and 60 cycles Hz to 29 kHz. The low frequency enables cutting of mineralized structures, not soft tissues. According to various bone densities, power can be adjusted from 2.8 to 16W with preset power settings. The vibrations helps clean cutting with precise incisions.

Piezosurgery in dentistry

Piezosurgical equipment can be used for retrograde preparation of root canal; it performs bone cutting with great precision facilitating ridge augmentation and ridge expansion, tooth extraction, ankylotic tooth extraction and surgical orthodontic surgeries.The piezosurgery device can be used for soft-tissue debridement to remove the secondary flap after incision through retained periosteum.

Advantages of Piezosurgery

  • In comparison to traditional equipments, piezosurgery requires much less hand pressure which results in enhanced operator sensitivity and control facilitating the surgeon with precision for the cutting action because of microvibration of cutting tip.
  • The cut is safe because the ultrasonic frequency used does not cut soft tissue.
  • The cutting action is less invasive, producing less collateral tissue damage, which enhances speedy and better healing.
  • Unlike conventional burs and micro saws, piezosurgery inserts do not become hot, which again reduces the risk of postoperative necrosis.
  • The piezosurgic method enables create a bloodless site at the operated are due to cavitation effect on physiological solutions which makes visibility in the working area much clearer than with conventional bone cutting instruments.
  • Even though traditionally used instruments gives generally good results, their actions are more traumatic and their specificity is limited to the surgeon’s capability.

Things to keep in mind before undergoing a Piezosurgery.

Only one disadvantage of this procedure using the piezosurgery unit is the increased operation time that is required for bone preparation. The technique though lessens damaging soft tissues, such as sinus floor membrane, nerves, and vessels, but nevertheless precautions need to be taken because the ultrasonic waves have mechanical energy. This energy can be converted into heat and pass into adjacent tissues. This is the sole reason due to which the use of irrigation is essential, not only for the effect of cavitation, but also to avoid overheating.

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