RVG Scan for RCT

Are you suffering from decayed or damaged teeth?

If it is not treated timely, the problem related to pulp generates. The pulp contains blood vessels, nerves, and connective tissues. It lies into the tooth and extends from the crown to deep into the bone of the jaw. When the pulp is damaged and cannot repair itself, it dies. Bacteria enter the pulp causing infection and forming a pass-pocket called abscess. Once pulp gets infected and not removed, creates pain and swelling. If you are suffering such a situation, Raga Dental Centre is the best place for a root canal treatment (RCT) where endodontist extracts diseased pulp. Before undergoing RCT an accurate diagnosis is a must for appropriate action.

What is RVG?

Accurate oral diagnosis for overall dental health and actual treatment needed are closely associated with the quality of the dental radiographs. Dental imaging has shown a tremendous progress along with its various applications in dentistry. Application of radio visiography (RVG) in the field of dentistry introduces high-quality imaging technique with minimum radiation exposure to the patient and various opportunities to process the images that are much more advantageous over the classical radiography. The revolution results from a combination of advanced technology for image capturing process and network-based computer system for retrieval and transmission of the image. Raga Dental Centre uses this innovation, RVG scan for root canal treatment (RCT).

How is Root Canal Treatment(RCT) planned through RVG Scan?

One of the direct digital radiographic techniques that used in dental practices is Radio Visiography (RVG). This technique is based on the acquisition of the digital image with the help of a charged coupled device (CCD) that competent enough to enough to magnify the image up to 256 shades of gray. Radio visiography (RVG) is immensely helpful to diagnose carious lesions, measurement of root length, recognizing peripheral pathology and root fractures in root canal treatment (RCT).

 root canal treatment in thanjavur

Radio visiography consists of four primary components, an x-ray unit, an electronic timer, an intraoral sensor, a display processing unit (DPU) and also a printer. Radio visiography is featured with image enlargement in the diagnosis of accessory root canals and millimeter grid that incorporated in the system helps to measure the length of the root canal. RVG also helps dentists to diagnose the cavities, monitor the developing teeth, inspect the surrounding bone composition of the teeth, inspect the roots of teeth, and examining overall dental health.

 What are the benefits of RVG Scan for RCT?

 Following are the benefits of RVG Scan for RCT:

  • It sharpens and enhances immediate diagnosis capability
  • Patient will get 90% less radiation than that traditional x-ray
  • Image comes instantly in front of patient and diagnosis is explained to him/her
  • Three-dimensional analysis shows overfilled mass at the end of the root canal
  • The entire process can be saved in the soft form in hardware or can be sent through the mail.

Why choose Raga Dental Centre for RVG Scan?

Raga Dental Centre always gives the priority of the patients to be served through its world-class state-of-art. We have discussed that in detail to you here and you have understood that Raga dental centre is a planned organization that really cares you and your safety.



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