Single tooth anaesthesia (STA) system

Dental patients have a common thing everywhere and that is fear of the needle. Sometimes, patients avoid going dentist. Most dental patients don’t favor anesthetic shot though they might have to tolerate multiple shots to numb the particular tooth or teeth that dealt with. Patients intimidated for an anesthetic shot—an ordeal that is most painful than the actual procedure. To make the procedure fear-free and dental practice more comfortable, a transition in the technology has taken place; a wand single tooth anesthesia (STA) system. Raga Dental Centre is very caring to provide a painless dentistry to you.

What is Single Tooth Anesthesia System?

The single tooth anesthesia system is often referred to as the wand that reduces the fear of the needle. It looks more a pen than an injection syringe. The needle used in this device is too small comparing the traditional one. The single tooth anesthesia is attached to a device that appears like a mini computer tower and doctor use a foot pedal to regulate the injection. The computer controls the entire process, including cautioning the doctor about holding the device correctly or not. The computer controls a slow but steady flow rate which is more comfortable to a patient and many times patient cannot feel anything.

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As the process is a computer-based program, a risk of human error is nil and the result of anesthesia is prompt. There is no question of contamination spread to a patient. The device came with a newer version that offers two modes. Applying the first mode the doctor can increase the speed of the injection while the numbing process has started, and the second mode signals an audible cue to inform the doctor about the correct placement of the needle pushed. The separate needle is used when the mode is changed. Raga Dental Centre said goodbye to the traditional injection and welcome the single tooth anesthesia system.

Benefits of Single Tooth Anesthesia System

The benefits of the Single Tooth Anesthesia System are as under:

  • All dentists in Raga Dental Centre like to use single tooth anesthesia system to remove anxiety and fear of traditional injection from the mind of the patient. This system increases the efficacy of anesthesia on the patient that give comfort to the dentists also to do their actual job efficiently.
  • The capacity of the machine more precisely the pressure of the injection that causes pain is controlled by the flow rate. This has immense importance in the certain low elastic region like palate where the traditional injection gives much more pain.
  • Numbing takes less time and dental work also takes much less time when this option is chosen. The patients need not require being anxious that multiple shots will be necessary to block the pain.
  • The device is easy to handle to the user, lightweight and needle can be glided at the desired location.

Why choose Raga Dental Centre?

During the course of your reading this article you have understood how the Raga dental centre is providing the state-of-the-art in all delicate issues of dentistry that deals with your safety. So it is none other place but Raga Dental Centre should be your first choice.



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