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One most common thing amongst the dental patients is needle phobia, an anxiety disorder by a persistent fear of the needle. And possibly you think twice to visit your dentist. But, a dental problem associated with pain itself remains. It doesn’t go. Till your dental problem is diagnosed and treated properly, the problem will persist. At Raga Dental Centre, we were continuously searching for to pride you better service and comfortable treatment. Yes, we provide your dental solution with painless injection of single tooth anesthesia system, popularly known WAND STA.

What is WAND STA [Painless Injection]?

It is the latest innovation in the world of dentistry. The WAND STA is a computer-based programmed system that delivers local anesthesia painlessly. Delivery of anesthetic medication is performed through a wand shape gadget. The gadget is capable of numb even one tooth only in the mouth without numbing the side face and leap. Most people presume that pain from injection arises from the needle while it is pushed into the skin. Actually, the sting occurs from injecting medication too quickly. But WAND STA is a computer programmed device that takes care of flow rate of medication so that there is no pain and no traditional scary needle. The Raga Dental Centre always cares to provide you a painless injection protocol using WAND STA.

How do WAND STA works?

The WAND utilizes a small handpiece more likely a pen. It uses a unique technology successfully administering the medications into the intra-articular space based on computer controlled pressure and flow of medicaments sensing capacities. Over decade’s effort, technological advancement eliminated application of the wide array of the subcutaneous syringe based injection phobia that was practiced in dentistry. WAND STA helps immensely to locate the particular intra-articular space and eliminate possible manual error in respect of volume of medicament while injecting. The new device has come up with two modes. The doctor uses the first mode to control the speed of the injection for the numbing process, while the second sends an audible cue to doctor about the correct application of injection. Considering the efficacy of the WAND STA, the Raga Dental centre always favor painless WAND STA injection arrangement.

Why will patients like WAND STA?

There are multiple reasons as to why the Raga Dental Centre has been given up traditional needle-based syringe injection practice. Let’s see why patients like this magic WAND STA painless injection. This injection procedure is much more comfortable to the patients which weren’t possible before. Patients are astonished by its immediate onset of intense anesthesia without feeling that they have been pushed an injection. It can work on multiple quadrants in the mouth using single WAND STA unit. Patients are happy to find that their lips and tongue are traumatized with anesthesia and can eat after the procedures. Anxiety and needle phobia has evaporated while coming out of the door of the dental clinic. There is no possibility of contamination spread to patients.

Why choose Raga Dental Centre?

While you have come to an end of reading this article you have prepared your mind to go to the dental clinic without any hesitation or needle phobia that worried you. So don’t wait. It is Raga Dental Centre beside you.



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