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Maybe you aren’t happy to smile with the yellow stain on your teeth to your counterpart while talking in home, office or in a party or besides being memorable on your engagement party, you’re worried to smile with the stain on your teeth. Whatever may be the reason for the stain, you are worried. Don’t worry. The Raga Dental Centre is here to kick off your worry and fulfill the dream that you cherished to have a beautiful white smile that greets the world with Zoom! Whitening treatment.

What is Zoom! Whitening?

Zoom whitening is an in-office cosmetic dentistry procedure that widely familiar with its quick ability to brighten the teeth. The complete bleaching process takes about an hour to remove stains and discoloration. It is a popular treatment process for its significant results at much less cost comparing other processes. In Raga Dental Centre, before undergoing the zoom whitening treatment the dentist will evaluate the leaps and gums. While the leaps and gums are covered safely, the dentist will put hydrogen peroxide whitening gel on the tooth. Zoom integrates a special ray that passes on the teeth to smash stains and discolorations.

How Zoom! Whitening works?

Raga Dental Centre follows three easy steps those transform your smile enviable to your counterpart:

  • Step one: get prepared — our dentist will examine your teeth and gums, whether those are healthy enough for whitening treatment and checks any dental restorations that you already have such as crowns or bridges. If you haven’t had recently cleaned your teeth, you will be asked to do to remove teeth surface stains before undergoing the whitening process. Once everything is found in order, our dentist will take a note of current shade of your tooth to track your progress after whitening session is over.
  • Step two: get whitening process — the zoom whitening process begins with safeguarding your soft tissues and gums. Sufficient cotton roles are put on your upper and lower teeth to set apart the both from touching each other. Next, we use a protective layer painted on your gum to safeguard it from any possible damage as the whitening agent that used in zoom is very powerful. Once this is done we place a layer of zoom whitening agent on the front surface of your teeth and laser light is ready to pass on your front teeth. 15 minutes time is set for whitening process.
  • Step three: go turn heads — after completion of 15 minutes session, we will wash out the messy substances from your mouth and let you see the changes. To make you happy with a big difference two or three such sessions may be required to continue. When the full process is over you will leave our clinic with a gorgeous smile that you couldn’t imagine ever before. We will provide you a list, what to do and not do in the next 48 hours.

Why choose Raga Dental Centre?

You have just gone through the Zoom! Whitening and possibly hurrying to get rid of stained teeth. Raga dental centre cares to give you the brightest smile that you dreamt off. So it is the best place to choose Raga Dental Centre.



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