Autoclave Class B Sterilizer

Why Autoclave for Sterilization?

The autoclave is one of the equipment that used to sterilize instruments and materials used for professional dental practices. The aim of sterilization is to smash the possible potential threat that causes cross-infection of patients by killing micro-organism, including spores. To kill the micro-organisms, all instruments and materials used in dentistry are needed to be exposed to the steam at a specified temperature for a specified period of time to hold as recommended for steam sterilization method. Raga Dental Centre exactly does it to ensure patient’s safety rather provides world-class state of art and follows all recommended standards.

What is Class B autoclave?

The B-class autoclave is one of those items of equipment used for sterilization in dentistry. The letter “B” is meant for “big small sterilizer” because of its big performance in a small size that saves space. The performance level of the B-class autoclave is as high as the largest machines used in the hospital. Microwave sized miniature version B-class autoclave is indeed a great space saver and can easily fit on the table top.

autoclave sterilization in thanjavur

B-class autoclave has an inbuilt vacuum pump that removes air and dries the load as well inside the equipment. It ensures 99 % removal of air from the chamber that prevents to reach steam on the load surface and kill micro-organism from the load. Raga Dental Centre maintains it as part of its infection control program for reusable dental instruments and devices to give you full protection as regards safety.

How does Class B autoclave work?

Following steps in Raga Dental Centre are meticulously followed in B-class autoclave:

  • First, we remove 99% of air inside the chamber by fractionated pre-vacuum air removal process. We use three pulses to evacuate air inside the autoclave chamber. The first pulse removes 80% of the air, leaving 20% inside. The second pulse extracts 80% of the remaining 20% air and leaving 4% of the initial air inside. Finally, the third pulse extracts again 80% of the remaining 4% air leaving less than 1% of initial air inside. And thus, we ensure 99% extraction of air from the chamber. This process helps to penetrate the steam into the deepest part of the load.
  • After removal of all most all air from the inside chamber, pressure, and temperature are increased.
  • Now we reached the actual sterilization stage where the pressure and the temperature are kept constant for a specified time period called holding period for sterilization process that ensures to say the micro-organisms goodbye.
  • After completion of holding period, the exhaust valve releases the pressure to come down to the atmospheric pressure.
  • The last phase is to dry out the load. We decrease the pressure inside the chamber, creating a vacuum therein and reducing the boiling temperature of 100 degree Celsius that evaporates the water on the load into gas, which finally sucked out by the vacuum pump.
  • Now the sterilization process is complete, the autoclave is safe to open and loads are ready to use.

Why choose Raga Dental Centre for Dentistry?

You have just learned about B-class autoclave that describes how far Raga dental centre is concerned with your safety. So it is none other place but Raga Dental Centre should be your best choice.



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