Subramanian Visvalingam

Author Name : Subramanian Visvalingam

"Dr. Baskaran treated me in September 20165 and August 2017. He preformed the following.
1. Implant including Crown fixing
2. Fixing a bridge
3. Laser Scaling
The dental procedures and treatment were preformed very professionally with a very high level of competency and dedication. I am very satisfied with his treatment medical ethics and the concern of the staff of Raga Dental.
I will not hesitate to recommend his treatment to anyone. As a foreigner, I am really impressed with his skills, level of technical procedures and professional Treatment. "


Umar Farouk

Author Name : Umar Farouk

Professional and dedicated treatment, satisfactory results achieved within first visit. Thanks to Dr.Baskaran and Team!



Author Name : Kirthin

"We are extremely happy with the service, Dr. Baskaran had all latest technological equipments and materials. We has undergone Zoom whitening, One sitting and it had marellous changes seen physical within an hour."


Vidhya Bhaskar Pennsylvania USA

Author Name : Vidhya Bhaskar

"The Surgery performed the surgery with the proper explanation and to my surprise I had very slight pain only on that day & minima swelling with the proper intake of medicine they prescribed. Prescription was exact in its dosage and its use."


Vibhav Sharma Final Year M.B.B.S. TMCH Thanjavur

Author Name : Vibhav Sharma

" I have RCT (Root Canal Treatment) done in an extremely hygiene manner with great care. The best thing I got picture of my own oral cavity on the Monitor to understand the problem better. All this at a reasonable Price."


William Raja Canada

Author Name : William Raja

"I have done LASER GUM SURGERY and Missing Teeth replacement with Ceramic Teeth, The treatment was Hygine and Excellent."


Mrs Vetriselvi Singapore

Author Name : Mrs. Vetriselvi

"I was suffered from sever Gum disease ( Pyohorea) I had many consulatiation in Singapore and unable to get satisfactory result. Throw Interest I found Raga Dental and Dr. Baskaran suggested me to do LASTER GUM SURGERY. THE RESULT WAS VERY MUCH SATISFIED. I STRONGLY RECOMMEND THIS CLINIC FOR ANY GUM DISEASE."


G SATYANARAYANA Boston Massachusetts USA

Author Name : G. SATYANARAYANA, Boston

"In Boston a dentist told that I have root canal on upper left molar and a filling is to be done in wisdom tooth next to is which has a cavity. But Dr. Baskaran has mentioned that no Root Canal Treatment is needed and he has filled the root with laser. No I am relieved of all the pain and I am able to eat with both left and right teeth which was impossible prior to the treatment as I was eating and biting by right teeth only."


Ashwin USA

Author Name : Ashwin

"The clinic is very Hygiene and has all World class facilities and my surf on the web made it interesting is that these facilities come at the far more affordable cost than its original prices. I felt like being at home and was over whelmed by the passionate working of all doctors and their staff. It was very professional and I feel for the very first time that going to a Dental is going to be pleasant. I had undergone a surgery for my wisdom teeth, laser cleaning and feeling and Zoom whitening. Zoon Whitening has improved the overall color of my teeth and it is one I would certainly recommend. "


Venkataraman Kanagave Dubai United Arab Emirates

Author Name : Venkataraman Kanagave

"I had undergone the ZOOM whitening treatment, It takes hardly 30-40 mins. It has given Amazing result!! I am feeling very happy and also increased my confident level. Raga Dental the complete dental care solutions under one roof with most advanced laser equipments in south Tamil nadu-India.."


Sinthu Singapore

Author Name : Sinthu

"As promised, the procedure went well and I was very satisfied. The extraction was affordable as well. The next day, the clinic even called me to follow up on me. I would surely go back to consult Dr Baskaran in my next India trip."

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