All 3rd Molar impaction surgery done by piezo surgery unit

Third molar impaction or wisdom teeth impaction is one of the most painful things you can ever imagine and if you are suffering from this problems, then Raga Dental Center can help with its treatment with the help of its advanced Piezo surgery unit. When modern dentistry was not so evolved, people lost their teeth mostly due to lack of medical help and lack of awareness about proper dental hygiene. At that time, their gums had enough space to accommodate the wisdom teeth or third molars. But nowadays, most people face the same problem, that is, their gums cannot accommodate the coming up of third molars which in turn lead to a lot of pain and third molar impaction. An approximate number of 60 out of every 100 wisdom teeth become impacted.

What are the Types of Third Molar Impaction?

Third molar impaction is again of various types and each of them are described below:

  • Vertical impaction: In this type of impaction, the teeth usually begin coming out normally in a straight manner but eventually the gums cannot accommodate them and thus they become impacted.
  • Mesial Impaction: This type of third molar impaction is the most common one and in this case the teeth usually tend to bend towards the front portion of the mouth.
  • Horizontal Impaction: In this type of impaction, the teeth lie over their sides and thus become impacted.
  • Distal Impaction: In this type of impaction, the wisdom teeth while coming up suddenly tilts towards the back portion of the mouth and become impacted.
  • Bony Impaction: In this type of impaction, the teeth doesn’t really come out of the bone yet emerges through the gum.
  • Soft Tissue Impaction: When the tissue comes out or erupts through the gum, the impaction is known as soft tissue impaction.

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What are the Symptoms of Third Molar Impaction?

Some of the symptoms that are usually experienced in case of third molar impaction are explained below:

  • Jaw pain is one of the most common and obvious symptoms in case of third molar impaction.
  • There is a development of swelling around the gums of the impacted teeth.
  • The usual pain of the jaws and gums is also accompanies by a bad breath.
  • There is also a bleeding seen in the gums from time to time.
  • You will always feel that your mouth tastes unpleasant.

Piezosurgery in Case of Third Molar Impaction Surgery

Piezosurgery, at Raga Dental Center, is a very effective method of extracting the wisdom teeth in case of third molar impaction. The tooth roots of the impacted tooth is separated from its surroundings and then with extreme care, the tooth is taken out from its socket. With the help of the Piezosurgery, you will be spared from the many complications that are usually associated with wisdom teeth extraction. Our state-of-art facilities will ensure that you get a world class treatment without even a bit of discomfort. So, if you have an impacted third molar, no need to worry. All you have to do is book an appointment with us.




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