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Are you worried that since you have lost your teeth, you cannot get your beautiful smile back. Well, then you are certainly wrong as with BPS dentures, you can have a completely new natural looking set of teeth. And Raga Dental Center, Trichy is an expert in doing so. Read on to find more about BPS dentures in Trichy.

What are BPS Dentures?

To know what BPS dentures mean, firstly you need to know the full form of the term which is Biofunctional Prosthetic System Dentures. Now have a look at its detailed explanation which will make your concept much clear.

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BPS Denture Procedure/Technique

  • The term biofunctional as used in BPS dentures provides it a significant meaning. You all must be aware of the function of teeth. That’s right, it is used to churn the food and make it soft breaking it down into small pieces. Thus, the BPS dentures are made to replicate that function so that you can feel completely normal as if you have got your natural set of teeth back. The BPS dentures have the capability of reproducing the functions of the natural teeth and helps to masticate the food properly. These dentures also help you in speaking.
  • The term prosthetic is used in BPS dentures since only experienced and certified technicians will be allowed to make the dentures. This ensures that you get a set of new teeth which is completely tailor made for you.
  • The term system is used in BPS dentures because making them and their ultimate advantage depends upon the coordinated work of a dental technician and a dentist. Only when everyone works in a cooperative system, you will get a set of new teeth that is completely like natural teeth.

What are the Types of BPS Dentures?

BPS dentures are again of several types some of which are explained below:

  • Partial Dentures:

    These types of dentures are removable. Thus they will remain fixed to your existing teeth with the help of clasps. They serve the purpose of covering the gaps between your teeth.
  • Hybrid Dentures:

    When you undergo a root canal treatment, certain things called posts are usually cemented into your tooth. These posts will later serve as anchors for your future removable dentures.
  • Combination Dentures:

As the name suggests, these dentures are a combination of the removable and fixed dentures.

  • Removable Implant Dentures:

    They are one of the best and high quality dentures. These dentures are held in position with the help of the implants that are fixed to the jaw bone.
  • Complete Dentures:

As you can understand from the term itself, in the case of these dentures, the entire dentition of the person is reconstructed.

What are the Benefits of BPS Dentures?

BPS Dentures has many advantages like:

  • They are very much comfortable and would not cause any irritation to your even if you wear them for a long duration.
  • They won’t break easily due to the usage of materials.
  • You can eat all sorts of food wearing these dentures.
  • They are completely natural looking.

So, if you are interested in getting the BPS dentures, come to Raga Dental Center today.


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