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Are you fed up with wearing your braces and all the disadvantages associated with them? Then, you have come exactly to the right place as Raga Dental Center has come up with a perfect solution for you in the form of ClearPath aligners. These aligners serve as the best replacement for the traditional braces.

What are ClearPath Aligners?

So, you must really be intrigued about what ClearPath aligners really are. Well, they are made with only one aim and that is to align your teeth in a perfect alignment. But with these, you do not need any ugly metal items to hold your teeth into place. They are completely tailor made products and thus made to fit you and you alone. They are made from a certain type of medical grade material.

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Why Should You Discard Your Braces?

ClearPath aligners are a perfect substitute for braces and you should go for them since braces have quite a number of disadvantages:

  • Braces have quite an unattractive appearance. This is mainly because food particles get stuck in them and their metallic appearance on your teeth give an ugly outlook. Your teeth will show signs of discoloration with the usage of braces.
  • Braces being made of metal have sharp ends which eventually hurt the interiors of your mouth and with prolonged usage leads to extreme discomfort. Your gums will feel sore with their tightness.
  • Oral hygiene becomes very difficult to maintain with braces on since you cannot brush or floss your teeth properly. These problems ultimately lead to decay of the tooth. The braces can also lead to a permanent marking on your teeth.
  • The extreme force exerted due to the braces leads to a condition called root resorption in which the roots become shortened and this can lead to adverse consequences in the future.

What are the Advantages of ClearPath Aligners?

The several benefits of opting for ClearPath aligners are as follows:

  • The first and foremost advantage of ClearPath aligners is that they are removable. So, whenever you eat something or something gets stuck in your teeth, you can simply open them and brush your teeth or floss it, thus, maintaining a proper oral hygiene.
  • The ClearPath aligners are invisible. Thus you do not have to worry about looking ugly or a not so attractive smile.
  • These aligners do not affect your oral hygiene in any way. Since they are removable in nature, your teeth won’t face any discoloration neither would you have problems of bad breath.
  • You don’t need too many appointments in case of the ClearPath aligners. The treatment procedure is completed within a few appointments.
  • You don’t have to bring about any change in your eating habits or your lifestyle.
  • They are extremely comfortable. They won’t cause any injury to your mouth or cause discomfort in the long run.

So, if you have misaligned teeth, you need not worry as with ClearPath Aligners, you can get a beautiful smile just within a few weeks.



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