Dental Implants

What is a Dental Implant?

You already might be aware of the Dental Implants and with the advent of technology, Digital Dental Implants have come only to make it even more better. The results with these digital dental implants are much better than the traditional ones. So, if you want a quick and effective dental implant procedure, getting digital dental implants is your best option. And at Raga Dental Center, you will get the best doctors attending to your problem.

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Dental Implants Procedure

The entire process of getting digital dental implants is explained below:

  • A proper diagnosis before commencing your treatment is a must if you want perfect results. At Raga Dental Center, the best technologies are implemented to perform an optimal diagnosis of your condition, so that you get the best results. Firstly, a traditional checkup will be done to ensure that your oral health is good.
  • A panoramic X-ray will be made so that the dentist gets the best view of your teeth and gums. A 3D scan will also be done. The scan will help to make a three-dimensional structure of your teeth.
  • Once all the tests have been done, you will be called for and the dentist will discuss the further line of treatment with you. To ensure the perfect implant occlusion and maximum bone support, our professionals will show you a rough plan of your surgery.
  • Then a surgical guide is used to place your implants during the implant surgery. This ensures that not only will get accurate results but the surgery will also be completed in a minimum amount of time without any fuss.

Digital Dental Implants Advantages

The digital dental implants have many benefits and some of them are explained below:

  • One of the major benefits of digital dental implants is the time taken to complete the entire surgical procedure. The time taken is much lesser than the traditional surgeries. The traditional methods took more than two hours but the digital dental implants can be placed in only fifteen minutes.Digital Dental Implants in thanjavur
  • With the digital dental implants, you have the option and scope of getting your implants the same day you visit the clinic which was not possible in case of traditional implants.
  • If you are worrying that the surgical procedure might hurt, then you can safely keep aside all your misconceptions as there will be no discomfort while placing the digital dental implants. You don’t have to undergo any incisions in this process and thus there is no need for stitches. However, if you are still uncomfortable with it, you can easily opt for sedation dentistry.
  • With the digital dental implants, you don’t have to make time from your busy daily schedule to visit the dentist from time to time. Your work can be done in a single visit.

At Raga Dental Center, you will get the best professional help from the best league of dentists in the country. Our services have only one aim and that is to give our patients world class treatment.




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