Laser Root Canal Treatment

Are you suffering from the problem of a badly decayed tooth? If yes, then a laser root canal treatment is what you need and Raga Dental Center is best at it. The pulp that is present inside your tooth consists of blood vessels and nerves. Now, when that pulp becomes infected, that is when you are in need of a laser root canal treatment.

How Will You Understand That You Need a Laser Root Canal Treatment?

So, if you are confused whether a laser root canal treatment is what you should opt for, then here are some of the signs and symptoms that you should look for:

  • If you are experiencing a toothache that is quite severe and it worsens when you touch the tooth, or put pressure on it or try to chew something
  • If sensitivity to both hot and cold temperatures is a major issue to you and not only this but you also experience a severe pain when the temperatures are removed
  • When you notice that your tooth is losing its natural color and has started to darken or there is prominent discoloration
  • The gums nearby the affected tooth has become tender and swollen
  • The gums show a recurring or persistent pimple

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Why Does the Affected Dental Pulp Needs to be Removed?

Well, when your pulp is affected, it means that bacteria starts to multiply within it very fast. These bacteria infected portions can, in turn, lead to an abscessed tooth if you do not pay attention to it. Apart from the abscess there are several other things that occur like you may have to experience swelling in various body parts like neck or face. There might even be a significant loss of bone around the root. Drainage problems around the root are also common.

What are the Benefits of Undergoing Laser Root Canal Treatment?

Raga Dental Center is efficient in its laser dentistry and opting for the laser root canal treatment here will give you many benefits such as:

  • The entire procedure is much more accurate when done through laser technique instead of the traditional one.
  • The bacterial count in the root canal is significantly reduced in the laser technique.
  • This is because with the laser technique, the bacteria are perfectly targeted and are removed leaving behind healthy tooth.
  • There is no risk of getting any infection if you opt for the laser root canal treatment.
    Moreover, your tooth will get strong protection against any future decays or bacterial infections.
  • There will be no need for undergoing anesthesia.
    If you are uncomfortable with drills, then the laser root canal treatment is perfect for you.
  • This is the minimally invasive procedure of a root canal treatment.
  • There will be significantly less bleeding and almost no inflammation in case of the laser technique.

So, if your pulp is completely damaged due to bacterial infection and you are facing a severe pain, don’t waste your time and book your appointment at Raga Dental Center and all your problems will be solved.



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