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You must already be knowing about dental crowns. But for those who are not aware of them, let me tell you, crowns are a form of restorative dentistry. They are a form of prosthetics and serve as a cap for your existing implant or toot. They serve the purpose of protecting the tooth from further damages or covering up an already damaged tooth. Now, Lava premium crowns are one of the best crowns that you will get in the market. They have been manufactured using a very advanced technology and they are available at Raga Dental Center.

What are Lava Premium Crowns?

Lava premium crows have been instilled with a special technology known as the 3M shading technology and this technology helps to impart a bright appearance or color to the crown from within. So, to put it simply, the colour of these crowns is not present on their surface but emanates from within. This technology has brought in various benefits, the most obvious one being that the technology preserves the translucency of the crown and does not compromise on the quality at the same time.

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What are the Benefits of Opting For Lava Premium Crowns?

The various benefits of opting for the Lava premium crown are as follows:

  • A very natural look 

    The first and foremost advantage of opting for the Lava Premium Crowns is that they will give you a completely natural appearance which most other crowns fail to provide. The reason behind this is their translucency. The Lava premium crowns are highly translucent. Thus, light is easily reflected from them giving you a natural appearance and your crown merges with your surrounding natural teeth. So, these crowns serve as a very good option if you are planning to approach restoration of your front teeth. They have the option of providing you with unlimited individualization with a wide variety of shades suiting your requirement.
  • Highly durable nature

     The Lava premium crowns are very durable in nature. They are made from zirconia blocks and posses a lot of strength. They won’t easily undergo chipping as is the case with other crowns.
  • Less time needed for manufacturing

    This is another major advantage of the Lava Premium Crowns. They do not need much manufacturing time. In fact, you can get the crown with a single visit itself. And moreover, they can be cemented immediately. So, this will save you a lot of time.
  • Your tooth structure will be preserved

    Sometimes tooth surfaces need to be trimmed, to allow the crowns to fit perfectly. But with the Lava Premium Crowns, such a need will never arise thus preserving your tooth structure.

When Do You Need Lava Premium Crowns?

Lava Premium crowns will serve you in a variety of situations like:

  • If you have got stained and discolored teeth that make you awkward when you smile
  • If you have teeth that have undergone a recent root canal treatment
  • If you have crooked teeth
  • If any of your tooth or teeth has become fractured

So, if you have any of the problems mentioned above make your appointment at Raga Dental Center and get your Lava Premium crown today.

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