As your child is passing his or her teenager phase, there are many problems that are bound to come. Some of them include bad breath, growth of the wisdom teeth or the need to put on braces. The transition phase, when they are leaving their childhood behind and stepping into their adulthood, is very important from all point of view including oral health. And Raga Dental Center is there with you at every step to ensure that you get the best smile and a set of healthy teeth. And that is what orthodontics is there for. It is a special branch of dentistry which is present to ensure that all the defects concerning your jaws are corrected and your teeth are positioned properly. And the professionals at Raga are highly experienced when it comes to orthodontics.

When Will You Need Orthodontics?

The different circumstances during which orthodontics can be of real help are enumerated below:

  • If you have the condition known as overbite which is when the person’s front teeth is way too forward than the rest of the teeth
  • If you have the condition known as crossbite which occurs when your front teeth is not placed a little front of your lower teeth during a bite
  • If you have the underbite condition, that is, your lower teeth is way too forward than the rest of the teeth
  • If you have a open bite or there is a prominent gap between the set of front teeth when your back teeth touch each other during a bite
  • If you have an visible spacing between your teeth which can be as a result of a missing tooth or even due to uneven alignment of the teeth
  • If you have a misplaced midline, that is, the center of your upper front teeth and lower front teeth do not coincide
  • If too many of your teeth appear to crowd around in a single place

What are the Different Types of Orthodontics That You Can Go For?

The various types of orthodontics available at Raga are as follows:

  • Braces: Braces are types of bands that are placed on your teeth and their tightness can be adjusted to align your teeth in a proper position. So, even if your teeth are not aligned in a way they should be, you can get the results you want within a few months.
  • Aligners: Many people prefer aligners over braces since they do not have any wires and yet they can set your teeth in a perfect alignment.
  • Special fixed items: These type of things will help to prevent instances of tongue thrusting or thumb sucking.
  • Space Maintainers: If your baby has lost a tooth way before than it should have fallen, then you can simply opt for these space maintainers which will keep the required space so that the teeth can safely come up later on.

So, you need not be shy if you have any dental problems. These are all natural processes and with our advanced devices, you can get the desired results instantly.




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