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Why Child Dentistry?

If you are thinking that it is only adults who need dental care, then that’s where you are wrong. Your child needs regular dental checkups too and it is an important part of their growing up into a healthy human being. Moreover, infant dental care is a very important aspect in the first few months on a child’s life when teething starts. And Raga Dental is here to help you out on every aspect of child dentistry.

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Importance of Pediatric Dental Care 

There are certain problems and issues during the young age that needs a dentist’s supervision and that is when you should bring your child to our exclusive clinic. So, to make sure that you have a clear understanding of the problems that are usually faced by children, here are some of the common problems and their explanation.

  • The teething event occur in the first three or six months of child. It usually causes irritation when the first tooth begins to erupt. If you want to make sure whether everything is normal you can just visit a dentist for a checkup and our specialist at Raga Dental will guide you accordingly.
  • Children often experience problems of wiggly teeth. Usually, when your child has reached the age of six or seven years, he or she will face falling of milk teeth to make way for the coming out of the permanent teeth. At that time, the teeth first loosens and takes time until it falls off. In certain cases children face problems in the ultimate falling of teeth. That is when our experienced dentists at Raga Dental can help your child by picking the teeth.

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  • Cavities are very common in children. They love chocolates and other sweet products. It is not that chocolates are bad for your dental health but with them comes a responsibility and that is a regular flossing regime. Even when your child has lunch or dinner, you must teach them to brush their teeth and floss it too. When food particles remain stuck in their teeth, bacteria starts growing on them and the enamel wears off thus leading to cavity formation.

Children's Dental Care at Raga Dental

  • At Raga Dental, we practice an enhanced pediatric dentistry and our doctors will teach your child how to floss properly. The problems with kids is that many of them are not even aware of what flossing is. Some of them even have the habit of swallowing toothpaste which leads to further problems. A child’s oral health is very important and as a parent you should take your child for a regular dental checkup to instill the good habits in them.

  • There is one more advantage of taking your child for a monthly checkup and that is, if your child has a cavity in any of the tooth, then it will be detected at its initial stage and cured.

At Raga Dental, our professionals will handle your child with extreme care. Instilling good oral habits from childhood will keep all dental problems at bay.



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