Sunflex Flexible Dentures

Have you lost your teeth to any disease or accident? Don’t worry! In this era where medical technology is evolving with each passing day, getting a replacement for your original teeth is not a big deal at all. Losing your teeth doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll have to lose your confidence and smile with it too. So, don’t say goodbye to your beautiful smile and get yourself Sunflex dentures from Raga Dental Center which will serve your purpose perfectly. If do not have much knowledge of what Sunflex dentures really are, read on to find out.

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What are Sunflex Dentures?

Sunflex dentures are an advanced form of dentures that are very lightweight and are seamless in appearance which give them their natural look. They will not only give you maximum retention capability but also maximum flexibility. They are one of the most easiest forms of dentures and the best thing about them is that they can be adjusted in office itself. Now you must also know a bit about Sunflex. It is a dental base resin that is very much flexible. It is pressure-injected. The resin is a bio-compatible one and has very good properties when seen from aesthetic point of view.

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What are the Benefits of Sunflex Dentures?

Sunflex dentures have plenty of advantages and the list is almost never ending. Some of the benefits are explained below:

  • The first and most important advantage of Sunflex dentures is their light-weighted character and their ability to give you all the comfort in the world. The reason behind their ability to do so lies in the material used to make them, that is, nylon but not the general form. A special form of it is used. The material usage has made it possible for Sunflex dentures to be made available in a total of five different types.
  • The aesthetic properties delivered by these dentures are incomparable with any other type of denture available in the market. And if you want a specific tone according to your gum, then you can let the specialists know about your preference, and they will do their best to bring that colour with the nylon material.
  • The second most important character of these dentures is their flexibility and strength. These dentures are remarkably popular for providing the perfect fit. They are first placed in hot and cold water alternatively and then transferred to the mouth of the patient. This helps the dentures take on the shape exactly according to the patient’s mouth. Thus, you will get a perfect snug fit. Once the dentures have acquired a perfect shape and position, you don’t have to keep worrying from time to time that they would fall because they won’t.
  • The Sunflex dentures are compatible with everyone. This is because they are made to fit each and every person and there is nothing like a single size for all. There will not be even the slightest bit of discomfot.

So, if you are planning to get Sunflex dentures, just give us a call or visit our clinic, and get an appointment for yourself.




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