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Everyone wants a seamlessly beautiful smile and braces and metal wires can do only one thing and that is, ruin your bright smiling face. Do you want it? Of course not. And that is what tooth coloured fillings are for. They are not at all visible and they possess the unique capability of staying camouflaged with the teeth. So, gone are the days when you had to depend on metallic fillings which were distinctly visible. Tooth coloured fillings have created a new era in dentistry. They will enhance the overall outlook of your smile and are thus being opted by an increasing number of people with each passing day. These fillings are available at Raga Dental Center and are done under the supervision of the best dentists.

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What Are The Advantages Of Opting For Tooth Coloured Fillings?
The various advantages of tooth coloured fillings have been listed and explained below:

  • The most common trouble associated with getting braces is that everyone will ask you about them or pass a comment. Children are often objectified by their friends and made fun of. You can shove aside all of these troubles with just one single solution and that is, tooth coloured filling. It will seamlessly camouflage itself with your tooth and won’t be visible at all.
  • The bonding that these tooth colored fillings have with the tooth is different from all other type of procedures. This bonding, in turn, also helps to restore the original strength of the tooth. This is impossible in case of bridges or crowns.
  • Extensions are needed in most cases when you opt for crowns or bridges. These extensions help to hold those structures to your teeth or gum. But in case of tooth coloured fillings, no such extra requirement is needed to hold them. The tooth coloured fillings are chemically attached to the tooth. This makes the filling bond with your tooth in no time and become hard.
  • If you know what sensitivity is, then you also must be aware of the difficulties associated with it. With the tooth coloured fillings, you won’t ever have to face the problems of sensitivity which is usually the case with other procedures.
  • If by chance any damage occurs to the fillings, you can easily get them replaced or repaired.

What is the Procedure For Placing the Tooth Coloured Fillings?
The best thing about placing tooth coloured fillings in your teeth is that there is no need to do anesthesia as these are bonded to your teeth with chemical processes instead of physical ones. But, if you have an adverse case of tooth decay where your decay has spread even to your dentine layer, then an anesthesia is required. The decay is completely removed after which an acid is applied. This acid acts as a primer or base for the filling. Then the tooth is cured. After curing, the filling material is applied in the required region.
At Raga Dental Center, you will get the best facilities and doctors who will help you with your tooth coloured filling procedure. You will get your beautiful smile back again.


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